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Part Four Chapter IX

IX The Yarvil and District Gazette decided in favor of alert in revealing what had been said during the most sharp Pagford Parish Council meeting in living memory. It had little effect; the bowdlerized report, increased by the distinctive onlooker portrayals offered by all who had joined in, still made boundless tattle. To exacerbate the situation, a first page story point by point the mysterious web assaults in the dead man's name that had, to cite Alison Jenkins, 'caused extensive theory and outrage. See page four for full report.' While the names of the blamed and the subtleties for their alleged wrongdoings were not given, seeing ‘serious charges' and ‘criminal movement' in newsprint upset Howard much more than the first posts. ‘We ought to have expanded security on the site when that first post showed up,' he stated, tending to his significant other and colleague from before his gas fire. Quiet spring precipitation sprinkled the window, and the back grass shimmered with little red pinpricks of light. Howard was feeling shivery, and was hoarding all the warmth exuding from the phony coal. For a few days, almost every guest to the shop and the bistro had been tattling about the mysterious posts, about the Ghost of Barry Fairbrother and about Parminder Jawanda's upheaval at the gathering meeting. Howard loathed the things that she had yelled being bandied about in broad daylight. Without precedent for his life, he felt awkward in his own shop, and worried about his beforehand unassailable situation in Pagford. The political race for the substitution of Barry Fairbrother would happen the next day, and where Howard had felt cheerful and energized, he was stressed and jumpy. ‘This has done a great deal of harm. A great deal of harm,' he rehashed. His hand wandered to his paunch to scratch, yet he pulled it away, persevering through the tingle with a saint's appearance. He would not before long overlook what Dr Jawanda had shouted to the chamber and the press. He and Shirley had just checked the subtleties of the General Medical Council, gone to see Dr Crawford, and submitted a proper question. Parminder had not been seen grinding away since, so no uncertainty she was at that point lamenting her upheaval. By and by, Howard couldn't free himself of seeing her demeanor as she shouted at him. It had shaken him to see such disdain on another human's face. ‘It'll all blow over,' said Shirley reassuringly. ‘I'm not entirely certain,' said Howard. ‘I'm not entirely certain. It doesn't make us look great. The committee. Columns before the press. We look partitioned. Aubrey says they're distraught, at District level. This sabotaged our announcement about the Fields. Quarreling in broad daylight, everything getting filthy †¦ it doesn't resemble the board's representing the town.' ‘But we are,' said Shirley, with a little snicker. ‘Nobody in Pagford needs the Fields †scarcely anybody.' ‘The article makes it seem as though our side followed master Fielders. Attempted to threaten them,' said Howard, capitulating to the impulse to scratch, and doing it furiously. ‘All right, Aubrey realizes it wasn't any of our side, however that is not how that columnist made it look. What's more, I'll disclose to you this: if Yarvil makes us look incompetent or grimy †¦ they've been searching for an opportunity to take us over for quite a long time.' ‘That won't occur,' said Shirley immediately. ‘That couldn't occur.' ‘I thought it was finished,' said Howard, overlooking his significant other, and thinking about the Fields. ‘I figured we'd done it. I thought we'd disposed of them.' The article over which he had invested so much energy, clarifying why the bequest and the Bellchapel Addiction Clinic were depletes and smudges on Pagford, had been totally dominated by the outrages of Parminder's upheaval, and the Ghost of Barry Fairbrother. Howard had totally overlooked now how much joy the allegations against Simon Price had given him, and that it had not become obvious him to evacuate them until Price's better half had inquired. ‘District Council's messaged me,' he told Maureen, ‘with a lot of inquiries concerning the site. They need to hear what steps we've taken against criticism. They think the security's remiss.' Shirley, who recognized an individual upbraiding in the entirety of this, said icily, ‘I've let you know, I've dealt with it, Howard.' The nephew of companions of Howard and Shirley's had come round the earlier day, while Howard was busy working. The kid was part of the way through a degree in processing. His proposal to Shirley had been that they bring down the gigantically hackable site, get ‘someone who realizes what they're doing' and set up another one. Shirley had seen scarcely single word in ten of the specialized language that the youngster had regurgitated at her. She realized that ‘hack' intended to break illicitly, and when the understudy quit talking his babble, she was left with the confounded impression that the Ghost had some way or another figured out how to discover individuals' passwords, possibly by addressing them shrewdly in easygoing discussion. She had consequently messaged everyone to demand that they change their secret key and make a point not to impart the enhanced one to anyone. This was what she implied by ‘I've dealt with it'. Concerning the recommendation of shutting down the site, of which she was gatekeeper and custodian, she had made no strides, nor had she referenced the plan to Howard. Shirley was worried about the possibility that that a site containing all the safety efforts that the predominant youngster had recommended would be route past the extent of her administrative and specialized abilities. She was at that point extended to the furthest reaches of her capacities, and she was resolved to stick to the post of head. ‘If Miles is chosen †‘ Shirley started, however Maureen interfered, in her profound voice. ‘Let's expectation it hasn't hurt him, this awful stuff. How about we trust there isn't a reaction against him.' ‘People will realize Miles had nothing to do with it,' said Shirley coolly. ‘Will they, however?' said Maureen, and Shirley essentially despised her. How could she sit in Shirley's parlor and repudiate her? What's more, what was more terrible, Howard was gesturing his concurrence with Maureen. ‘That's my concern,' he stated, ‘and we need Miles like never before now. Get some attachment back on the gathering. After Bends-Your-Ear said what she said †after all the mayhem †we didn't take the decision on Bellchapel. We need Miles.' Shirley had just left the room in quiet dissent at Howard's agreeing with Maureen. She busied herself with the teacups in the kitchen, quietly raging, asking why she didn't set out just two cups to give Maureen the clue that she so luxuriously merited. Shirley kept on feeling only rebellious deference for the Ghost. His allegations had uncovered reality with regards to individuals whom she detested and scorned, individuals who were ruinous and misguided. She was certain that the electorate of Pagford would see things her way and decision in favor of Miles, as opposed to that appalling man, Colin Wall. ‘When will we proceed to cast a ballot?' Shirley asked Howard, returning the stay with the tinkling service tray, and distinctly overlooking Maureen (for it was their child whose name they would tick on the voting form). Yet, to her extraordinary aggravation, Howard proposed that each of them three follow shutting time. Miles Mollison was very as worried as his dad that the exceptional testiness encompassing following day's vote would influence his constituent possibilities. That very morning he had entered the newsagent's behind the Square and got a grab of discussion between the lady behind the till and her older client. ‘†¦ Mollison's constantly thought he was lord of Pagford,' the elderly person was stating, unmindful of the wooden appearance on the businessperson's face. ‘I preferred Barry Fairbrother. Catastrophe, that was. Disaster. The Mollison kid did our wills and I thought he was satisfied with himself.' Miles had lost his nerve at that and slipped pull out of the shop, his face gleaming like a schoolboy's. He pondered whether the articulate elderly person was the originator of that mysterious letter. Miles' agreeable faith in his own affability was shaken, and he continued attempting to envision how it would feel if no one decided in favor of him the next day. As he stripped for bed that night, he watched his quiet spouse's appearance in the dressing-table mirror. For a considerable length of time, Samantha had been only wry on the off chance that he referenced the political race. He could have finished with some help, some solace, tonight. He additionally felt randy. It had been quite a while. Recalling, he guessed that it had been the prior night Barry Fairbrother dropped dead. She had been somewhat tanked. It regularly took a tad of drink, nowadays. ‘How was work?' he asked, watching her fix her bra in the mirror. Samantha didn't answer right away. She focused on the dark red furrows the substance underneath her arms left by the tight bra, at that point stated, without seeing Miles, ‘I've been importance to converse with you about that, really.' She detested saying it. She had been attempting to abstain from doing as such for half a month. ‘Roy figures I should close the shop. It's not progressing admirably.' Precisely how seriously the shop was doing would be a stun to Miles. It had been a stun to her, when her bookkeeper had spread out the situation in the baldest terms. She had both known and not known. It was odd how your cerebrum could realize what your heart would not acknowledge. ‘Oh,' said Miles. ‘But you'd keep the site?' ‘Yeah,' she said. ‘We'd keep the site.' ‘Well, that is acceptable,' said Miles enthusiastically. He hung tight for close to 60 seconds, keeping in mind the passing of her shop. At that point he stated, ‘I don't assume you saw the Gazette today?' She came to over for the nightdress on her pad and he had a wonderful look at her bosoms. Sex would help loosen up him. ‘It's a genuine disgrace,

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Woman, It Is Thy Badge Of Shame! (107). Governor Bellingham Was Descri

Lady, it is thy identification of disgrace! (107). Senator Bellingham was portraying the red letter to Hester while they were talking about if the disciplines that Hester needed to experience were satisfactory enough for the wrongdoing. Hester was living in the edges of the city in a little deserted bungalow for quite a long while with the main thing that had any money related an incentive in her life, her kid and the result of submitting infidelity, Pearl. She and her little Pearl were evaded from the network for her demonstrations. In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hester is rebuffed in more than one way, and she can manage it transparently so the network will, after some time, excuse her. The most evident subject of discipline that Hester needed to adapt to is wearing the red letter. By the point which drew everyone's eyes and, in a manner of speaking, transfigured the wearer. . . was the red letter, so fabulously weaved and lit up upon her chest (51-52). Hester created the red letter before she remained on the platform. At the point when Pearl asks her for what good reason she wears the letter she answers that she wears it for its gold string. Hester wears the letter for a long time, much after the individuals in the network care any longer, with the goal that she will be completely excused for her transgression. In the start of the story, Hester is confronted with serving the brief piece of her sentence, remaining on the framework before the entire town. It was a situation to be noted, on the mid year morning when our story starts its course, that the ladies of whom there were a few in the group, seemed to take an exceptional enthusiasm for whatever punitive punishment may be relied upon to follow (48). The residents of the town had assembled to scrutinize Hester as she remained on the framework, and a considerable lot of the town's ladies were talking about the straightforwardness of Hester's sentence, since the standard discipline for submitting infidelity is capital punishment. In spite of the fact that she needed to endure the comments about her for three hours while she was remaining on the framework, the derision followed for a long time to come. Hester and her little girl were thought upon as heathens long after Hester had carried out her punishment. Hester was not acknowledged by the network as a result of her transgressions. She had to live in a surrendered house on the edge of the city. Hester Prynne, consequently, didn't escape. On the edges of town, inside the skirt of the landmass, however not in close region to some other home, there was a little covered cabin. It had been worked by a previous pioneer, and deserted in light of the fact that the dirt about it was unreasonably sterile for development. . . (77-78). Hester and her little Pearl not just lived in the little house, they invested the majority of their energy there, just going into town for significant things like food and supplies. The people group fundamentally avoided Hester and Pearl from the town and made it understood to them that they were not needed inside the city. Hester experienced a great deal of discipline for her wrongdoings. She had the option to manage it straightforwardly, such as wearing the red letter and remaining on the platform, and some she managed without demonstrating any regret. She was bold to live on the edge of the city and not to escape to another city or considerably another nation. She likewise kept things inside, similar to the dad of her youngster and her significant other that apparently abandoned her. By and large, she is a valiant soul and somehow or another, is a good example to the remainder of the individuals in the network.

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A Comprehensive Guide on The Comparison Between MLA vs APA Format

A Comprehensive Guide on The Comparison Between MLA vs APA Format Essay writing is a major part of our academic life. Therefore the students have to write the essay on various topics. But most of the time the students get confused between the MLA format vs APA format. In this blog, we are going to share with you the best ever comparison between MLA vs APA format that will clear all your doubts. When it comes to writing, the education world depends on strict rules and guidelines. Writing a college essay needs to follow a proper format. Usually, in American higher education, there are three ordinary citation styles such as APA, MLA, and Chicago. Their main objective is to give an appropriate citation, plagiarism-free content, make a proper system of paper structure. For history and economics, the Chicago citation style is popular. So it is mention with the assignments. In the matter of APA vs. MLA format, everything is not clear or easy for students. They both have similarities as well as differences. There is a confusion in the mind of students which one is right for their assignments? This blog provides you all the necessary information and clarity on how is APA different from MLA? Before study the APA vs. MLA, we will discuss both separately. Summary Before study the APA vs. MLA, we will discuss both separately.MLA vs APA FormatAPA guidelinesMLA guidelinesAPA vs MLA formatIts a wrap-upGet experts assistance First of all, you must know the meaning of the citation. A citation involves academic papers and essays in which references of the source of information are mention. The credit also goes to the original writer. It involves the authors name, publication date, publisher name, year of publication, page number, in case of journals, books, and anthologies (Poems), journal name, edition, or the online sources from where the data is taken. It is important to ignore cheating work and to join reliability in your academic work. MLA vs APA Format APA guidelines It begins in the directions of the American Psychology Association. It makes guidelines for journals, articles, publications, and books. APA format was first applied in 1929 to help writers in doing their work in a proper structure. It also makes a unique style of citations or references. Its main aim to not to confuse a reader, but to give the broad content with appropriate captions, referencing list, avoid cheating in work. Usually, APA is used for scientific papers, documents, lab reports. When it comes to academic work, it specifies the standards apply in language. Its standards include Double-spaced lines;Times New Roman 12, one-inch for all edges;Upper right some portion of each page has a number + short title of the work;References/endnotes are also double-space;In-content references involve creator, publication year, page (Slezinger, 2016, p.6) for direct citations. A paraphrased idea must involve the creators name + year (Slezinger, 2016);Bibliographic order must use in making reference list;Sequential request for creators;Creators names in references list are mention in recipe Last name + First Initial + Middle beginning;In periodicals titles, just the primary word needs to is capital, no quotes;The title must be in the center;Incorporate abstracts for long papers. MLA guidelines APA vs. MLA concept begins with the history of these styles. The Modern Language Association provides this one for literary research and scientific works in the field of humanities. The main difference between APA and MLA is that in concern of references or citations, MLA is more definite. The present tense of a verb is commonly used in it. Its standards include Double-spaced lines;Times New Roman 12, one-inch for all edges;A bibliographical list of works referred to;In sequential order request for creators;Direct in-content references have just name and page, without a comma (Slezinger 242); indirect references have an only page (According to Slezinger (242), advances develop… );No additional line-break between references;Page number with the creators name on the upper right corner (Moran 3) articles titles are taken in quotes; each word must be capitalized. APA vs MLA format APA ( American psychological association) or MLA ( Modern language association) both are writing and formatting style. It is used in articles, stories, or academic essays. In social science, the APA style is used, and in liberal arts or humanities, the MLA style is used. This blog explains the difference between both of them: 1 Title page APA requires the title page whereas MLA does not require a title page. 2 Spacing Both require a double space. 3   Font/margins Both are using Times new roman 12 font 1” margins. 4 Headings/ subheadings Headings and subheadings both are used in APA whereas In MLA it is not recommended but may be required. 5   Direct in-text quotation In APA direct in-text quotation is like (john,2018,p.17) while in MLA direct in-text quotation is like (john17). 6 Indirect in-text quotation In APA indirect in-text quotation is like (john,2018) while in MLA indirect in-text quotation is like according to john, this is a controversial case (17). 7 Order of citations Both are used alphabetical order of citations. 8 Bibliography name APA mentions bibliography names as references while in MLA it names as works cited. 9 Example( References/work cited) APA citation example, Addona, V., Roth, J.(2010). Quantifying the effect of performance-enhancing drug use on fastball velocity in major league baseball. Journal of quantitative analysis in sports, MLA citation example, Addona, Vittorio and Jeremy Roth. “Quantifying the effect of performance-enhancing drug use on fastball velocity in major league baseball.” Journal of quantitative analysis in sports. Its a wrap-up APA vs. MLA format- which is preferable? This question comes in mind of the students: Which format they use? In the social science field like sociology, psychology, criminology, etc. APA format is used.In the humanities stream, such as philosophy, religion, literature, politics, etc. MLA format is used. Thoroughly, it entirely based on the situation. If you are doing fictional literature work, then MLA is suitable to use. APA in-text citations seem more appropriate to use because it helps us to track the research chronology easily. Get experts assistance Now from the above discussion, now you know the concept of MLA vs APA format. You can write a paper on any specified format. If you are facing difficulty, then dont worry. We at calltutors.com help you in your every paper writing, either it is in APA or MLA format. Arranging can be problematic and challenging work. So to clear the doubt, you can straightforwardly discuss with our professional writers. Get the best essay writing help at nominal charges.

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Marketing Strategy For A Dental Laboratory Marketing Plan...

1.0 INTRODUCTION Marketing is finding out what consumers want, and giving it to them at a profit to yourself. For a dental laboratory, marketing is invaluable in today’s economic climate as the priority for oral healthcare drops in a recession, meaning fewer dental patients, and less dental technology work. To counteract this, the dental laboratory must employ marketing to convince clients to spend on oral health, and inspire them to use the laboratory’s services. The following 2015 Ace Dental Laboratory marketing plan will address the 3 big questions: (1) Where are we? In order to plan for the future, we first need to reach a common understanding of the present circumstances. The first step is to assess our external and internal position, i.e., a SWOT analysis. (2) Where do we want to be? Having reviewed our current situation, we must now discern what the future should look like by clarifying our priorities and identifying our strategic objectives; (3) How do we get there? A marketing strategy based on the 4 elements of the marketing mix will help us achieve specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound objectives. 2.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The 2015 Marketing Plan outlines ADL’s approach to attain a significant increase in revenue and profits over the preceding year. The target revenue for 2015 is NZ$800,000 – a planned 10% revenue gain. The target by 2020 is a revenue increase by 30-40%. We think this increase is attainable due to our decision to expand ourShow MoreRelatedHealth Care Marketing Reflection Essay1092 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Care Marketing Reflection Essay Markets change, tastes change, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change.( Wang, n.d. as cited by Morrison, p. 113). In modern medicine, disease treatment is more importance than disease prevention, as doctors focus more on treatment of symptoms of rather than determining its root cause. This is mirrored in the media by the large numbers of direct-consumer advertisements aimed at persuading patients themself toRead MoreThe Lab Of Orange Park2398 Words   |  10 Pages Amanda Yankowicz 4/20/2016 GEB1011 Reference #: 431454 â€Æ' Executive Summary The Lab of Orange Park is an established dental laboratory in the Jacksonville area in Florida. Ever since our establishment in 1988, we have strived to provide our dentists with high quality products using the best technology available to us. We strive not only to provide excellent products, but excellent customer service, too. Throughout the years, we have updates our systems and methods several times. We have goneRead MoreApplication Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act1239 Words   |  5 Pagesto perform assessments, order laboratory and diagnostic test, diagnose, prescribe medications and treatments, and perform procedures, as authorized by legislation and their regulatory scope of practice†(Faith et al., 2014, p. 2). In this community, there is currently one urgent care center and one Minute Clinic located inside CVS Pharmacy. However, both of these facilities have limited services hours and do not operated on any weekends or holidays. This business plan is a proposal to launch a nurseRead MoreExpensive Pharmaceutical Products versus Cheaper Analogs894 Words   |  4 Pageslet’s answer the question who is the supplier of the pharmaceutical industry. They may be suppliers of raw materials, intermediate and finished products, i.e. industrial enterprises, foreign headquarters that deliver finished products, and local marketing partners. Each player will have a variety of industry suppliers, depending on the structure of its business operations and supply chains. The pharmaceutical industry depends on several organic chemicals. The chemical industry is very competitiveRead MoreStudy of Aakash Health Care1701 Words   |  7 Pagesfacilities like physiotherapy, pharmacy, laboratory, Digital X ray, DEXA scan have been added ever since. There are specific OPD days scheduled for different departments. The orthopaedic dept, physiotherapy and dental dept function for all the 7 days. It has a minor OT were the minor surgical procedures are carried out. The team of doctors is one of the finest and the clinic as a whole, strive for quality and a trust worthy medical care. Aakash healthcare plans to launch a 200 bedded multispecialityRead MoreMarketing Plan: Launch of Osamax 4859 Words   |  20 PagesMarketing Plan for the launch of â€Å"OSAMAX † Current market situation Nepalese Pharmaceutical market and its marketing practices is complex to understand. With no such specific guidelines and policies from its regulatory body DDA, Nepalese pharmaceuticals feel the gap for visionary support from government. Though the country is self reliant in various categories the chunk of market share is still being enjoyed by foreign and Indian companies due to the lack of specific guidelines. Nepal pharmaceuticalRead MoreCoca-Cola Case Study the Global Strategy4646 Words   |  19 PagesCoca-Cola Case Study The Global Strategy Coca-Cola Case Study The Global Strategy Group B Group B Executive Summary Coca-Cola is currently at the leadership position in the beverage industry and it has been successful through its strong brand image, exceptional outsourcing strategies and efficient supply chain management. However, there are still some issues that Coca-Cola needs to solve. This report is segmented into three main parts. The first part discusses market position, marketRead MoreProcter and Gamble Research4620 Words   |  19 Pagesrumours of an impending U.S. civil war, they built up a new plant to sustain their growing business. Later on, they pioneered one of the nation’s maiden profit-sharing programs and were among the first in the American industry to invest in a research laboratory. The fledgling partnership between Procter and Gamble, by 1890, had grown into a multi-million dollar corporation. Nevertheless, PG had its eyes set on the future. A Company Built on Innovation . . . y 1890, PG was selling around 30 differentRead MoreGsk Marketing Planning4419 Words   |  18 PagesGSK Marketing Planning | March 31 2013 | Calvin Cheung, Hussain Al Katib, Manpreet Budwal, Sandra Okechukwu | SOSTAC Review based on GlaxoSmithKline | Content Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction2 2.0 Situation Analysis3 2.1 PESTEL Analysis3 2.2 SWOT Analysis4 2.3 Boston Matrix5 2.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis6 3.0 Objectives8 4.0 Strategy9 4.1 Product9 4.2 Price9 4.3 Promotion9 4.4 Place10 4.5 Person10 4.6 Process10 4.7 Physical Evidence10 5.0 Tactics11 6.0 Action Plan12 Read MoreMarketing Literature Review11908 Words   |  48 PagesMarketing Literature Review This section is based on a selection of article abstracts from a comprehensive business literature database. Marketing-related abstracts from over 125 journals (both academic and trade) are reviewed by JM staff. Descriptors for each entry are assigned by JM staff. Each issue of this section represents three months of entries into the database. JM thanks UMI for use of the ABI/INFORM business database. Each entry has an identifying number. Cross-references appear immediately

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Romeo and Juliet Tragic Hero Essay - 748 Words

William Shakespeare is an English poet and play right. His plays mainly consisted of comedies, history, and tragedies. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare. For a play to be a tragedy there must be a tragic hero. In Shakespeare plays, tragedy is identified as a story that ends unhappily due to the fall of the protagonist, which is the tragic. In this play there are two tragic heroes. Romeo and Juliet are both the tragic heroes. To be a tragic hero they must be from a high estate, have a tragic flaw, and the tragic flaw is the cause of their downfall. A tragic hero must be from a high estate or well- known family. For a family to be of a high status means to be a well- known family of wealth. Both†¦show more content†¦Juliet’ tragic flaw was also a cause of her downfall. Her loyalty for Romeo drives her to suicide when she awakes and sees that Romeo is dying because of the poison he drank; she takes his dagger and stabs herself. A s she stabs herself she says ‘† This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Act V, Scene III, Line 170). Romeo and Juliet both let their tragic flaws cause their downfall. To be a tragic hero you must be fromShow MoreRelatedThe Tragic Hero in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Essay761 Words   |  4 PagesIn William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a tragic hero.† This is according to Aristotle’s definition, a tragic hero is a character â€Å"who is neither completely good nor completely bad, but also a member of royalty.† Romeo is a tragic hero because he does many good things, but many bad things, as well. For example, he is a Montague and he marries Juliet, who is a Capulet. This is prohibited, so Romeo is bad. However, Romeo does everything he can to keep Juliet happy and risks his lifeRead MoreTragic Hero in Othelo by William Shakespeare996 Words   |  4 Pagesall very much alike. He has written many plays including Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare was a man who wrote plays that followed the same literary conventions. These conventions included tragic hero, fallacy, irony, and also suspense. A tragic hero is a male figure who is high in society and one who always has a tragic flaw. Most of them are rich and intelligent men. In the story of Othello, Othello is the tragic hero. He was a character of nobility. He was a high in class and had highRead MoreRomeo and Juliet, of Shakespeares Play, Were Not Immature in Their Love970 Words   |  4 Pagesread the text version of Romeo and Juliet when I was a secondary student. In order to comprehend the story deeply, I have watched Romeo Juliet (1968 film) recently. This film won many award and was very successful. Romeo and Juliet was popular, especially among teenagers since it is a romance film (Romeo and Juliet, 2014). Romeo Juliet is generally known as a sad story. This tragedy believed to occur by chance or by destiny (Studymode, 1999). Those people criticized Romeo for falling in love tooRead MoreThe Senseless Couple: Romeo and Juliets Tragedy1157 Words   |  5 PagesIs love worth it all? As publicized in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, reckless decisions may possibly lead to an unforeseen and dreadful conclusion. He also makes it known that if feelings about a situation are over dramatized they can cause a hazardous faux pas. That is exactly what Romeo, Juliet, and Friar Lawrence implement in Shakespeare’s tragedy. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the major characters cause the tragic outcome of the drama through their bad choices and decisions. Read MoreRomeo And Juliet Tragic Hero1306 Words   |  6 PagesIn Shakespeare’s classic play, Romeo and Juliet, the prologue refers to the title characters as â€Å"star-cross’d lovers† with a â€Å"dea th-mark’d love†, showing that the two are doomed from the start (Shakespeare 3). Being from two opposing families that are in a never-ending feud, Romeo and Juliet s love is forbidden. However, throughout the novel, the lovers defy their parents and pursue their fast-forming love with the help of supporting characters, such as Friar Lawrence, who are seemingly presentedRead MoreEssay on A Modern Interpretation of Romeo and Juliet 3467 Words   |  14 PagesWhen you hear the words â€Å"Romeo and Juliet†, what comes to your mind? For most people, the mention of these names brings about images of young people declaring their love from balconies and defying fate to be together. Romeo and Juliet is certainly a story of youthful romance. However, the first-time reader will often miss the underlying ideas that the writer only hints at over the course of this play. To fail to realize the subtle political and social themes within the plot is to fail to understandRead M oreGreek Theater: Tragedy Essay941 Words   |  4 Pagesthe performance were always outdoors. Greek theatre has had comedy and tragedy where comedies the heroes are ironic and disengaged to the situations. With the tragedy, heroes often respond with emotions such as pride, rage, lust, envy or grief. This essay will focus on the tragedy side of Greek theatre. Aristotle says that tragedy â€Å"is not the imitations of persons but of actions and of life.† (Butcher 1961). Here â€Å"imitation† meaning ‘mimesis’-poet creating a image out of nothing, representing realityRead MoreEssay Film Adaptation of William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet896 Words   |  4 PagesFilm Adaptation of William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Romeo Juliet, was written by poet and playwright, William Shakespeare. The romantic play, Romeo Juliet involves many recognisable emotions and themes including passion, love, hate, agony, and sadness. This essay will examine how Baz Luhrmann reproduces Shakespeares classic love story into a contemporary modern world so audiences today can access and understand the universal themes of the play in a Read MoreRomeo and Juliet Research Paper2101 Words   |  9 PagesTrue Hero: The Superior Character in Romeo and Juliet The play of Romeo and Juliet is different from William Shakespeare’s other tragedies in that there is not a clear distinction of individual heroes. The two protagonists are more passive than active; both are naà ¯ve and lacking understanding. The hero is often thought to be the romantic, yet often hysterical, Romeo. But Romeo’s immoral background, emotional outbursts, mishap murders, and foolish actions make him a poor candidate for a hero. JulietRead More Comparing the Love of Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night and the Bible4838 Words   |  20 Pagesclosely at his works, we can analyze the nature of true love. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare gives an example of true love overcome by tragic fate. His star-crossed lovers are so madly in love with each other that they cannot live without being together. (RJ Prologue, 6) By contrast, in Twelfth Night the characters are so fickle that they switch love interests in the span of a few lines. By comparing the true love of Rom eo and Juliet with the shallow love of Twelfth Night, it becomes clear that

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Proposal to Eliminate Obesity Free Essays

Stewart, M. June 13, 2011 Eng-106 Proposal to eliminate Obesity The fight against obesity is an ongoing battle; peoples all over the world are struggling to lose weight. Obesity is one of the most leading causes of death worldwide; this disease causes life threatening health conditions, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, sleep apnea, strokes and cancer. We will write a custom essay sample on Proposal to Eliminate Obesity or any similar topic only for you Order Now The number of obese individuals throughout the world has doubled since three decades ago, which has become a high risk health factor in today’s society. Recent studies show that one out of every ten individual worldwide has been diagnosed as being obese. Despite the increasing obesity dilemma, studies indicate that some doctors find it hard to address weight issues with obese patients. Although, the doctor and patient know there is a problem, neither is willing to discuss it. This only makes the problem more complex later on, when it could have been resolved in the early stages. William, Bestermann Jr. , a medical director for Holston Medical Group in Kingsport, Tenn. states that â€Å"if doctors are committed to keeping patients from having strokes or heart attacks, then this conversation cannot be avoided, and they have to help their patients lose weight. † Bestermann has developed a plan for doctors to help guide and successfully treat obese patients on a committee for the Stop Obesity/Alliances, which consist of professional businesses, healthcare providers, unions and insurers whose sole purpose is to strategize an attack on obesity. Doctors have joined the fight against obesity, in an effort to win the war on obesity. Medical advisors suggest that primary care doctors launch a well-developed attack against obesity, in order to expand their patient’s lifespan due to the fact that it decreases their quality of life and also accounts for billions of dollars in health expenses. The most common reason for the excessive increase in health expenses; there are about seventy-two million peoples in the United States who are obese, which enhances an evolution of chronic health conditions associated with obesity. If doctors and health insurance companies work together to discover an effective solution to eliminate obesity, this would save billions of nnocent lives. Preventive methods to help in the fight against obesity are inevitable due to the present circumstances. The Staff at the Mayo Clinic state that the purpose for obesity treatment is to help individuals reach and keep a healthy weight. A person seeking treatment should be monitored by health professionals, therapist, nutritionist, dietician, and an obesity specialist in an effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Obesity is a life threatening disease that causes other serious chronic diseases if not treated properly. Most peoples become obese by no fault of their own, due to psychological problems, lifelong illnesses and other distressful aspects in their life. My proposal based on my research is that President Obama, Congress and Healthcare Professionals should take a stand on this life threatening disease as soon as possible. The president can only do so much if Congress does not approve a bill. It is a tragic to see so many peoples in this world suffering and dying from any kind of disease that is in fact preventable. Obesity being one of them should be at the top of the list, because it is the main cause of all these other incurable diseases. If preventing or ridding the world of obesity is the key to optimal health, and expand a person’s lifespan. Why has Congress done something about it? Are doctors really concerned about their patients’ health? Some of our kids are even obese; obesity is a serious condition that most of us fell to realize. How can we say that, America is the land of the proud and the brave, if we as peoples of this great nation refuse to come together and take a stand on what is right? Obesity is an ongoing war that has hindered and defined our society far too long; it is time that we do something about this crisis, before it is too late. And our society becomes extinct. Peoples of this great land take a stand, in order to make a change we must come together. I am a firm believer in change, therefore by the will of God and myself, I will address President Obama and Congress on this issue to fight obesity starting today, because tomorrow is not promised to you or me. We have to live for today and help others in the process, who are unable to help themselves. I find this to be very disturbing that so many peoples in the world are obese. And nothing is being done about it. Society what has happened to us? Will we continue to sit back and do nothing? Even if Congress have to pass a bill for an effective method to fight obesity, than they should. For every man, woman and child that are diagnosed as obese, effective immediately they should be offered weight-loss surgery. Many in the past have died because they were obese; this is not something Congress does not know about. Some obese individuals reach out for help from their physicians; the answer to their consistent weight gain problem is to stop eating or exercise more. This is the solution to end obesity, not applicable. Are doctors failing to save lives? Do they offer the best health advice to patients? I have to admit a doctor’s job seems a little overwhelming, with the enormous amount of patients that they see and treat daily, but if you cannot trust your own doctor in regards to your health issues, who can you trust. If doctors know of any cures to save millions of life’s yearly. Are they entitled to share their findings with patients? References Greene, C. , Hellmich, N. (2009, October 06). Doctors join fight against obesity- USATODAY. com. News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, U. S World-USATODAY. com. Retrieved June 15, 2011, from http://www. usatoday. com/news/health/weightloss/2009-10-06-doctors-obesity_N. htm Staff, M. C. (2011, May 06). Obesity: Treatments and drugs-MayoClinic. com. Mayo Clinic. June 13, 2011, from http://www. mayoclinic. com/health/obesity/DS00314/DSECTION-treatments-and-drugs Reeves, R. (2005) Working Together to Fight Obesity. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 105(5), 13-13. doi:10. 1016/j. jada. 2005. 03. 018 How to cite Proposal to Eliminate Obesity, Papers

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Social network Research Paper Example

Social network Paper Name: Instructor: Course: Date: We will write a custom essay sample on Social network specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Social network specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Social network specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Social network Social network is a major tool for making the world a global village. Clearly, social network has had a great impact on the lives of a great number of people in the world today. It has grown enormously in the past few years and has accommodated people from all over the world. Technology advancements have greatly supported the success of the social network. Global interactions have been made possible with just a click on the computer. Social networking forms a part of the social media, which entails blogs, video, forums and sharing of photos. Social networking provides a major platform for people to interact, share information such as photos and videos. Some of the popular social networking sites Include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google Plus+, and Tagged among others. They facilitate the sharing of information, interests, activities, ideas and other forms of interactions globally. Traditionally before any technological advancement was realized, people still communicated to one another. They physically visited each other or used media such as horns and signals to convey messages. They then advanced to the writing letters and telegrams. The 21st century opened the door to a faster and more effective mode of communication, the internet, with the first ever email been sent in 1971. The first social network site was created in 1994 and was known as Geocities. Friendster was the first modern social site, which opened the door for development of popular sites such as facebook, which has millions of users all over the world. Many social sites have continuously emerged each aiming to improve the quality of communication making it easier for interactions to take place globally. Many people are making use of the social network in various aspects of their lives. Personal reasons are the dominating cause for adoption of the network. It is called a social network since socializing is the key aspect of the network (Ian 2013). People mainly use the network to interact with hundreds of people in any part of the world. They share significant moments with others through sharing of photos and videos. Information about events and other major happenings is also shared through the websites. This helps people keep in touch with the world regardless of their location. Entertainment is another reason that people use social network sites. Sites such as Youtube provide videos for entertainment purposes. People can download the latest music from these sites. The sites also contain information about celebrities, which is an interesting topic for many people. The business world has also joined the social networking world. Interactions with customers have been made very easy with information reaching the targeted customers on time and without distortion. This has worked to reduce the use of the queuing system just to gain information. Job applications have also been done through the network especially with the use of emails. Marketing has also been greatly improved by the social network. If you log on to facebook, you are likely to get many adverts for various products posted. This method is convenient for advertising since the message is conveyed to a large number of people at the same time. It also produces an attractive platform for advertisements, which attracts the attention of the users. Business networking is also made possible by the network. The business could get potential customers through the sites and even open doors for great deals with interested parties. There are various benefits leaped from the use of social networks. One major benefit is information (Dave 2013). Knowledge is power and the social network provides information on current events. This information could vital in one’s daily life since it could be educative. The social networks help build relationships of all kinds; personal and work related relationships. Friends are able to interact on a personal level and share experiences, which helps in building their relationship. Other kinds of relationships facilitated are business related such as business-customer relations where a business firm can interact with its customers and get their views on the products offered. Use of social network is undoubtedly the most effective way of conveying messages since it is fast and convenient. Since every ying has a yang, we cannot focus on the positive implications of social network and overlook its negative implications. The most affected by the negatives of social network are the young people. Parents have addressed major concerns on the effects of this network since it has caused addiction among young people who sometimes neglect their studies due to this addiction. The police have also addressed their concerns on the rise in crimes due to the use of social network (Press Association 2012). Users of these sites have been abusing the network by using abusive languages in communication. Sometimes this leads to incitement and violence results. Cyber bullying has also been on the rise with some people commuting suicide due to the bullying. Social network has also been used as a platform for threat by criminals to the citizens. Cases of stalking have also been on the rise. Works cited Press Association. Social Media Related Crime Reports Up 80% In Four Years. The Guardian, December 27 2012. Web. February 26, 2013. Dave Parrack. The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society (Opinion). Make Use Of. April 19 2012. Web. February 26, 2013. Ian Collins. 5 Common Uses For Social Networking And The Effect On Your Target Audience. Blogussion. N.D. Web. February 26, 2013.